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What is a Lol Smurf Account, and why you should have one too?

What is a Lol Smurf Account, and why you should have one too?

Learn about the advantages of purchasing a hand-leveled League of Legends account or hiring a leveler to save time, begin smurfing right away, and have a secure and ready-to-use account.
March 11, 2023

What is a Lol Smurf Account, and should you have one too?

League of Legends, or LoL for short, is a highly competitive game in which players attempt to climb the rankings and develop their abilities.
Nonetheless, some users prefer to establish extra League accounts, sometimes known as "smurf" accounts.
Smurfing entails making a new account or purchasing an unranked smurf account and playing against people with lower skill levels than oneself.
In this essay, we'll look at why players smurf in League of Legends and why you should, too.

What is smurfing?

To begin with, smurfing enables gamers to start again and attempt new things.
While playing on your primary account, you may be cautious to attempt new champions or tactics for fear of losing your rank or badly impacting your win rate.
But, when you play on a smurf account, you have the flexibility to explore without fear of repercussions.

Second, smurfing enables gamers to play with friends who are new to the game or have lower skill levels.
It might be irritating to play with friends who are much lower in rank and regularly lose games due to the ability disparity.
By using a smurf account, you may play with your buddies without hurting their experience or lowering your own rating.

Finally, smurfing may be a fun activity in and of itself.
Competing against less talented opponents may be a pleasant and stress-free way to relax and enjoy the game.
It may also be rewarding to dominate games and swiftly climb the rankings on a fresh account.

Lastly, smurfing may help you improve your talents in the long term.
Playing against lesser level opponents allows you to focus on your mechanics, decision making, and map knowledge without the pressure of high rank games.
This will definietly help you enhance your gameplay and become a better player.

Why you should get a Hand-leveled account?

Although making a new account from scratch might be time-consuming, there is an alternate method for smurfing: purchasing a hand-leveled account or employing a leveler to level up your account to level 30.
These are some of the reasons why this may be an excellent smurfing concept.

To begin with, purchasing a hand-leveled account or paying a leveler may save you a significant amount of time.
Leveling an account to level 30 might take a long time, particularly if no boosters or perks are used.
You may spare yourself the trouble of spending hours upon hours leveling up by buying an already-leveled account or paying someone to level up your account.

Second, purchasing a hand-leveled account or employing a leveler may assure that your account is ready to use straight immediately.
If you opt to level up your own account, you may not be ready to smurf for a time.
But, if you purchase a hand-leveled account or pay someone to level up your account, you may begin smurfing right away.

Lastly, purchasing a hand-leveled account or paying a leveler might provide you with access to champions or skins that you may not have on your primary account.
Although you may buy these things on your own account, it may be more convenient to have them on your smurf account.

Ultimately, purchasing a hand-leveled account or engaging a leveler may guarantee that your account is safe and secure.
If you attempt to level up your own account, you may come across fraudsters or hackers who might jeopardize the security of your account.
But, trustworthy hand-leveling services will guarantee that your account is safe and secured.

Finally, purchasing a hand-leveled account or paying a leveler may be an excellent way to smurf in League of Legends.
It may save you time, guarantee that your account is ready to play, offer you access to certain champions or skins, and keep your account safe and secure.
If you're thinking about smurfing, this is a good place to start.

You can read about the fastest ways to level up a League account here:


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