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Teamfight Tactics: Basic

Teamfight Tactics: Basic

Teamfight Tactics is a auto-battle wherein you need to form a team of champions to fight with other players. This can be done by buying and upgrading Champions...
March 03, 2023

Teamfight Tactics: Basic

Teamfight Tactics is a auto-battle wherein you need to form a team of champions to fight with other players. This can be done by buying and upgrading Champions, making them stronger and powerful all through the game to win. Since it is an auto-battler, all you need to do is control your resources in order to come up with a power team as much as possible. All players begin with 100% life, and each time you lose, your life will drop, and once it becomes zero, you are out. The last standing player will declare a winner.

How to Play

Arena:  This where the fight takes place. There are eight players, and each has its battle arena. This is where 95 percent of your game time happens. So, ensure to familiarize yourself with the arena prior to starting the first game. Make sure to become familiar with the Champion shop, Champion bench, and the left portion's information panel.

Gold: After each brawl, you will receive gold, with additional gold earned at different tiers once you have a loss or win streak.

Champions: In TFT, units come in five rarities such as Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, and Gray. You can upgrade each champion by accumulating three similar champions. After collecting three, you can mix them up to create a level two version of the unit.

Items: There are many items in this game that you can use to level up your champions' power. You can mix up two base items to make a powerful version, and it also adds unique benefits. Items play a vital role in this game, and you need to know which items ideal for your champion.

Positioning: Positioning can make or break your TFT game. It is advisable to put ranged units farther back to have more time to strike enemies before getting killed. The tank must be at the front or put surrounding weaker damage dealers.

Level of TFT Game

Carousel: This how every TFT game begins; it will return at diverse points all through the game.

Creeps: The first three battles are against creeps of PvE enemies. Killing creeps allows you to earn gold, and they are also the major source of items.

Early Game: Each game is all about scraping together a team—some initial resources to ready for the mid and later game. So, you have to be freethinking with gold early one.

Mid Game: This is all about beginning to commit a build. Normally, this is determined by a mixture of what a champion you lucked into, and which champion you have wanted to get along the way.

Late Game: This part is about to build optimization, hunting to increase the level of your champion, and looking for the last units that will optimize synergies. Here, you have to decide or replace some units.


There are a lot of things you need to learn about TFT, and listed above are the basic. Make sure to keep these things in mind in order to enhance the chance of winning the game.

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