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League of Legends: Wild Rift 3.1 Update

League of Legends: Wild Rift 3.1 Update

League of Legends Wild rift 3.1 updates have already been revealed by riot games, bringing some major changes inside the game. This patch update...
March 03, 2023

League of Legends: Wild Rift 3.1 Update

League of Legends Wild rift 3.1 updates have already been revealed by riot games, bringing some major changes inside the game. This patch update features the new champions, Karm and Shen. You can get these champions for free by joining the event.

The next season’s reward has also been revealed, featuring Evelyn and a new set of rewards for Wild Pass. In-game items, runes, and champion changes are also included in the patch. If you like to find out more about the 3.1 updates, you can read below.

New Champions

              • Karma The Enlightened One/ role Burst mage/ support

              • Shen, the Eye of the Twilight role/ fighter/ juggler

New features

              • News tabs are added to help players access patch note news, events, livestream, and more

• New season is now up. Players can now progress through the rank reward to unlock the exclusive skin reward Glorious Crimson, Evelyn

Ranked Store

Patch 3.1 update will also include a change in ranked store; new content will be added that you can purchase

Wild Pass

Remove the old reward set and replace it with a new reward set for the new season. Exclusive rewards like Psychic Detective Senna are now up for grabs.

New Game Modes

New game modes are also added in this update.

•Elemental Rift mode is just like a normal mode, but it has 3 dragons, namely mountain, infernal, and ocean dragon. Once slain will give you a powerful buff

              • Mountain Rift mode new jungle terrains and walls

              • Infernal Rift Burns away brush and opens new pathways to red and blue buff.

              • Ocean Rift spawns more brushes across the map

New Skins

Will be out on 24th March at 12:01 AM (UTC):

·       Blood Moon Shen

·       Warden Karma


·       Psychic Detective Senna

Will be out on 31st March at 12:01 AM (UTC):

·       Furyhorn Cosplay Veigar

·       Pretty Kitty Rengar

·       Renektoy

This update focuses on major changes in accessories champions and events. Minor bugs are also fixed.

List of Champions that have been changed:

•         Ashe

•         Blitzcrank   

•         Fiora

•         Galio

•         Garen

•         Graves

•         Erelia

•         Jhin

•         Master Yi

•         Nami

•         Riven

•         Zin Xhao

•         Yassou

•         Zed

•         Ziggs

•         Akshan

•         Corki

•         Draven

•         Dr Mundo

•         Katarina

•         Miss Fortune

•         Sona

•         Nunu and Willump

•         Vayne

Other Changes

              • Added announcement features for guilds; admins can now pin a message to the guild feed

              • Added 900p for supported devices

              • Added promotion support for iPhone 13 and 13 pro max users

              • and other minor things to improve game balance and game stability


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