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League of Legends Latest News

League of Legends Latest News

Anima squad is coming to you in patch 12.6! Along with this patch, devs have nerfed, buffed, and adjusted some of the champions to balance...
March 03, 2023

League of Legends Latest News

Patch 12.6 Notes

Anima squad is coming to you in patch 12.6! Along with this patch, devs have nerfed, buffed, and adjusted some of the champions to balance the battle and give users a fun and friendly experience. Mythic content is finally here! Runes and item changes are also applied to this patch to improve and balance team fights!

Patch Highlights

Battle skin for Riven, Miss Fortune, Vayne, Sylas, and Jinx, will be available at the end of March 2022!

Hero Adjustment

Champion: Azir

Gained a health growth increase, his lack of presence from the meta helped devs to decide to give him a buff on his hit points

              • His Health base is increased from 99-105

              • Health cap at level 18 is 2119 now 2337

Champion: Darius


              • NOXIAN GUILLOTINE damage is now at minimum true damage 125/250/375 (+75% bonus AD)

Champion: Hecarim

Rampage and devastating charge damage are increased

              • Base damage is now at 60/90/120/150/180 (+85% bonus AD) for Rampage skill

              • MAXIMUM TOTAL DAMAGE is now at 60/90/120/150/180 (+110% bonus AD) for    Devastating Charge

Champion: Illaoi

Bug fixes

              • Leap of faith is fixed Illaoi now leaps forward, allowing a better control

              • Harsh lesson visual indicators are now fixed

              • Tentacles visual bug is also fixed will not spawn on either team’s gates

              • Some other visual bug-like tentacle smash and test of spirit is now fixed



Champion: Jax

              • Base health is increased from 599- 615

              • Empower magic damage is increased now at 50/85/120/155/190 (+60% AP)

Champion: Nidalee

              • Human form bushwhack mana cost is decreased now at 30/35/40/45/50

              • Primal surge mana cost is decreased now at 50/55/60/65/70, and cast range is increased to 900

              • Pounce AOE damage is increased to 250

Other Buffed Champions

              • Rengar Adjusted passive and other skills

• Tryndamere, Cooldown reduction decreased per critical hit for spinning slash and increased undying rage cooldown

Item and Rune changes

              • Immortal Shieldbow life steal is increased to 8%

              • Blade of the ruined king life steal is decreased to 8%

              • Vampiric scepter life steal is decreased to 8%

Added and removed runes

              • Ravenous hunter is removed

              • Added new rune treasure hunter

              • Fleet footwork healing effect is decreased to 10-100 (levels 1-18) (+30% bonus AD) (+20% AP)

              • Bloodline rune life steal per legend stack is decreased to 0.4% (up to 6% at 15 stacks)

These are some of the changes in patch 12.6. If you want to read more, check the league of legends’ latest news.

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