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League of Legend Clash: How Does it Work

League of Legend Clash: How Does it Work

League of Legends Clash is here again after a rocky opening in the year 2018. It has been redone, and every two weeks, eight pre-made teams composed of five ...
March 03, 2023

League of Legend Clash: How Does it Work

League of Legends Clash is here again after a rocky opening in the year 2018. It has been redone, and every two weeks, eight pre-made teams composed of five players will join in a 3-round, single-elimination tournament, the winning team will take the reward.

League of Legends Clash Schedule

League of Legend will go on every other weekend, and each weekend features two competitions or playoffs, so the teams are able to play on either the 1st or 2nd day of competition. Also, teams can join on both days; however, every player will require a ticket for each day to do so.

Prior to starting the match, you will need to lock in, with times for this stage changing it depends on which tier of event you are playing and the region you are in. Five players should be locked in prior to starting the game, or the whole team will lose the spot.

You will see a short scouting window that shows your enemies' statistics and preferred hero or champions after locking in. This must assist you with the drafting stage, but keep in mind they can utilize your preferred hero or champions. When done scouting, a pick and ban level identical to which of the professional scene will start.  It doesn't matter if you lose or win. Each team is required to play three games.

How to Come Up with a Clash Team

To join this tournament, you will need a team, and team captains will have to choose a name, logo, and 3-letter tag for their schedule. Next is to invite teammates, gamers require having a rank, so they will require finishing the Solo or Flex Queue placement games to join. Also, they have to set-off two- factor verification for their account.

Inviting teammates to the team is a same process to inviting them to a game. However, some things need to be considered. First, everyone has an ideal role; the team will not have a good time if all members want to go middle. Next, is the respective ranks, as they influence the tier of the event wherein you compete. All members of the team can play as one, despite skill level.

Bronze and iron gamers will compete in Tier IV, while challenger and diamond will play in Tier I. You are required to buy a ticket that costs 975 Blue Essence or 195 Riot Points.

What Are the Rewards?

Victory Point is a standard reward; this is given after each win. In due course, they will add up to undo new logos for the team or banners which emerge on Summoner's Rift. After the game, gamers will be given a Clash Capsule or Clash Orb; it depends on whether you purchased a Premium or Basic ticket. 

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