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Champion: Zeri the Spark of Zaun

Champion: Zeri the Spark of Zaun

Zeri is a headstrong woman from Zaun's working class; she carries a crafted gun that can be powered by her electric magic, a lethal weapon that can instantly shock any enemy.
March 03, 2023

Champion: Zeri the Spark of Zaun

Zeri is a headstrong woman from Zaun's working class; she carries a crafted gun that can be powered by her electric magic, a lethal weapon that can instantly shock any enemy. She is one of the newest champions you can play in the league of legends—a well-balanced marksman with lots of mobility skills, movement speed, and high to mid output damage. A champion well suited for AP and AD builds! Here's a rundown of Zeri's The Spark of Zaun abilities.

Living Battery (PASSIVE)

Zeris's passive, Living Battery gives her shield and movement speed. Any time Zeri receives a shield, her movement speed also increases. Shield gained from the item can also trigger her passive skill. Zeri can absorb enemy shield and energy if she attacks an enemy champion. Shooting an enemy absorbs their shield and, at the same time, will boost his movement speed for a short duration.

Burst Fire (1st skill=Q)

Burst Fire is an active/passive skill. Passive Burst fire converts her basic attack to magic damage that scales with AP and counts as an ability for synergy item. When moving and casting, her 1st skill bursts fire. She stores the energy with her spark. Her next basic attack will have a slow effect and deal bonus damage to the target enemy unit when fully charged. Active burst fire Zeri shoots a burst of seven-round bullets that deal physical damage to the first enemy hit. Active burst fire scales with AD and acts as a normal attack. The first hit will apply on-hit effects to the enemy. The skill cooldown matches with Zeri's basic attack timer.

Ultra shock Laser (2nd skill=W)

Ultra shock is a ranged skill that applies a slow effect to the enemy. Zeri’s fie a burst of electricity to the enemy that slows them down and deals damage when they are hit. This skill also can trigger a second effect. If you are near the terrain and miss the enemy

Instead, it hits the wall. It will fire a long-range laser from the point of impact.

Spark Surge (3rd skill=E)

Spark Surge is a dash skill that also gives a buff to Zeri. After she casts the dash skill, the buff will instantly apply to her empowering her 1st skill Burst Fire that can penetrate the enemy. Spark surge enables Zeri to vault on any terrain. Spark Surge cooldown can be reduced by hitting an enemy unit with a basic or skill attack.

Lightning Crash (ULTIMATE=R)

When Zeri activates her ultimate skill, Lightning crash, she discharges the energy of electricity around her, which deals damage to a nearby enemy and overcharges her for a short duration. While in the overcharge state, Zeri gains bonus damage for all abilities. This also boosts her attack speed and movement speed. Attacking enemy champions refreshes overcharge, adding another stack to Zeri's movement speed. Zero burst fire is converted into triple shot while in the overcharge state.


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