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Champion: Vex the Gloomist

Champion: Vex the Gloomist

Vex is a mage-type champion designed to counter champions with a dash. A gloomy champion that hates dashes and noise around summoner rift. A champion with...
March 03, 2023

Champion: Vex the Gloomist

Vex is a mage-type champion designed to counter champions with a dash. A gloomy champion that hates dashes and noise around summoner rift. A champion with balance skills that can silence and apply fear to the enemy Champion. Are you tired of those pesky annoying dashes and blinks? Don't worry. Vex can keep those pesky champions under control using his skills. Here are rundowns of Vex skills

Doom N' Gloom (PASSIVE)

Vex comes with two annoying passive (if your champion has blink and dash, that is)

First is Doom. Vex is periodically empowered by the passive (Doom) that causes her next basic ability to deter dash and apply a fear debuff to enemies.

The next one is the Gloom passive, where if there are enemy nearby who uses a dash or blink skill, they are instantly marked with Gloom. Vex's next basic attack against a marked target will detonate, dealing bonus damage and partially refunding dooms cooldown.

Mistral Bolt (1st skill=Q)

Whenever Vex casts his Mistrak bolt, he launches a wave forward that deals magic base damage to enemies it hits in the straight line. A Mistral bolt can be canceled, allowing you to fast cast the skill. In return, the skill width is reduced. Mistral bolt also triggers Gloom on any marked target and detonates it dealing bonus damage.

Personal Space (2nd skill=W)

When Vex casts Personal Space, he gains a shield that releases a shockwave that deals magic damage to enemies around or near her. This skill also detonates and triggers Gloom on marked enemies.

Looming Darkness (3rd skill=E)

Vex shadow flies to your preferred location. As it travels, the size of the shadow increases. On arriving, Vex shadow deals magic damage that slows down and marks the enemy hit with Gloom.

Shadow Surge (ULTIMATE=R)

Vex shadow flies forward in a preferred location that marks and deals magic damage to the first enemy champion it hits. After it has been marked, vex can recast Shadow Surge, which pulls her to the marked target and then deals additional magic damage. When the marked target dies from Shadow Surge or dies from the damage using shadow surge, the cooldown reduction of his ult can be decreased for a few seconds.

No more dash spamming champions when vex is around! A strong crowd-controlling mage that can diffidently provide damage and support. Playing her can provide a fun experience for you and bring the nightmare to the enemy. Vex is the gloomiest mage worth buying.

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