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Champion Rundown: Yone

Champion Rundown: Yone

Yone will be your next favorite League of Legend champion. It was after the brief animated video and leaked arts that Yone will be coming soon to the Rift.
March 03, 2023

Champion Rundown: Yone

Yone will be your next favorite League of Legend champion. It was after the brief animated video and leaked arts that Yone will be coming soon to the Rift. However, it is safe to say that Yone will be the next league of legend champions.

Who Exactly Yone is?

Yone, in accordance to LoL lore, is a hard-working older half brother of Yasuo. Both were close when they are young, both are learning at the sword school in the village until the war came to Ionia, and he was called away, he leaves to defend his elders. After deserting his port to seek clash, and going back to look for his master dead, Yasuo was framed up and fled. Eventually, he was tracked by his half brother, who believe that he is guilty and must be penalized. Yasuo was pressured to fight with his brother, who bested easily, and even if Yasou begged for forgiveness and tried to prove his innocence, Yone passed away believing in his half brother's betrayal. Yone is renowned to Yasuo users and fans, and he is also a Runeterra card legend.

Yone Abilities

The new champion is regarded as a dual-wielding hero, carrying two swords, one of which he got from his battle with the Azakana. According to Riot, Yone shows that Azakana was feeding on the off-putting feeling he harbored while chasing Yasuo. However, he dies prior to having the opportunity to take a blow, and when he came into the spirit realm, it saw a chance and struck, aimed at devouring the soul of Yone. Yone put him down, but the result was served.

When he goes back to the world of spirit, Yone has a mask, which of an Azakana, which ties more of Yone's skills and abilities to traverse the world of spirit and go back to mortal form. Yone was firstly intended to become a skirmisher. His blade deals tremendous damage, while the Azakana sword deals with tremendous magic damage.

Passive: Way of the Hunter: He makes use of his two swords, causing more magic damage. He has a double critical strike and deals to reduce damage.

Q: Mortal Steel:  He thrust forward, which deal massive physical damage to enemies. A single hit, Yone gains stack and two-stack he was able to dash along with a wave that stuns enemies.

W: Spirit Clave: He cleaves forward in a huge arc, which deals with the enemy's maximum target. He also gains shield after hitting an opponent—the shield increases for every strike.

E: Soul Bound: This champ can enter in a spirit form, which enhances his speed and leaves his body behind.

R: Fate Sealed: He strikes all opponents in his way, blinking behind the last opponent hit and knocking all airborne going to him.

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