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Champion: Rell the Iron Maiden

Champion: Rell the Iron Maiden

Rell is a fierce, heavily armored champion from the league of legends. With his partner's furious storm of steel, conquer the summoners rift with a blast!
March 03, 2023

Champion: Rell the Iron Maiden             

Rell is a fierce, heavily armored champion from the league of legends. With his partner's furious storm of steel, conquer the summoners rift with a blast!

Rell has four clickable skills and one passive skill like any typical champion. Let's talk about Rell why she is one of the best support/tank in the game.

Let's talk about her passive first.

Break the Mold (passive)

Rell has a passive that can steal a target's armor and magic resist. Break the Mold activates when Rell attacks a target using a normal attack or skill. Rell temporarily steals a portion of armor and magic resistance to the targeted unit and deals bonus damage based on the amount stolen from that unit. In addition, Rell can be a tank in clashing because she can siphon resistances from multiple units (AOE)

Shattering Strike (First Skill=Q)

Reels unleashes a mighty stab using her lance, breaking the shields and damaging all units hit with a Shattering strike. The damage scale decreased after the first target was hit. Moreover, If an ally has an extra buff/bind from Attract and Repel, that specific champion, including her, can recover minimum health for each enemy hit.

Ferromancy: Crash Down (2nd Skill=W)

Ferromancy Crash Down Mounted

Rell leaps forward and transforms her mount into an unbreakable heavy armor, gaging shield that can absorb a lot of damage and last until the shield buff breaks. Rell leaping forward can knock multiple enemies in the line of attack. (AOE skill)

Ferromancy Crash Down Unmounted

Right after she converted her mount into heavy armor, Rell rushes forward, then transforms her shield buff back into amount, gaining extra movement speed for a short time. Rell charges her target, dealing bonus damage and crowd controlling the enemy unit, knocking them in the opposite direction.

Attract and Repel (3rd skill=E)

Rell binds an ally buffing them with bonus armor and magic resistance when an ally champion is nearby. This skill can be cast also on the enemy unit stunning all the enemy units near her.

Magnet Storm (Ultimate=R)

Rell erupts a magnetic force that can crowd control enemy units (pull), dragging enemies toward her. Rell cast a magnetic field around her that draws enemy units, including champions, for a few seconds. This skill is not a channeling skill. She can move while casting her ultimate.

Rell is one of the best tank/support in the league of Legends, with plenty of mobility and support skills. Perfect for ranking and team fights.

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